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"Fear Arena" for Jedi Knight II

Back when I was playing a lot of Jedi Outcast I made this arena-style map for my clan at the time (<FeaR>). It still works pretty well for multiplayer, but becuase I didn't add bot routes it can't be played versus bots, limiting it's playability somewhat. This map really means a lot to me, for many reasons. Mostly, it shows that I can actually have the patience to learn a new piece of software and finish a project when I put my mind to it! These days it seems like I start more projects than I finish.

Downloads: the first release (1.0) or the latest version (2.0).

"Job System Improvement" for Final Fantasy III

This is my first Assembly hack for a game.

Here's what it does!

Downloads: Direct download or check out its page at here!